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History: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Aerith

Personality: Aerith's early life was beset by tragedy. As a baby, her father was killed, and she and her mother - the last remaining Cetra, or Ancients, were abducted by the Shinra scientist Hojo, and experimented on for much of Aerith's early life. Moreover, when they escaped the Shinra building, when Aerith was seven years old, her mother, Ifalna was fatally wounded during their escape. While these experiences, plus the hardships of growing up in the Midgar slums, did shape Aerith, they did not turn her into the bitter, hardened cynic that life in the slums transformed so many of its denizens into. On the contrary, while Aerith has seen and experienced many bad things, they have made her sympathetic to the plight of others, and determined to help others where she can. She is sweet and friendly, incredibly optimistic, and tries to cheer up other people, as she does several times over the course of the game. Growing up in the slums has also made her able to look after herself. While she is not immensely physically strong like Cloud or Barret, she can hold her own in a fight, being able to fight off Shinra troops on her own when Cloud first meets her in the church. Added to this is the fact that she has been staying one step ahead of Shinra for many years, as they want to recapture her, and Aerith proves herself to be a tough, resourceful young woman, whose surroundings have enhanced her inner optimism and beauty when by all rights they should have dimmed them. Aerith's resourcefulness goes beyond her fighting ability, too - she is good at thinking on her feet and improvising, such as when devising the plan for Cloud to infiltrate Don Corneo's mansion while cross-dressing. This incident also shows the playful nature of Aerith's personality. She likes to tease her friends, but does so in a good natured way, hoping to break the ice between them or to form a deeper connection rather than trying to alienate or irritate them. Aerith is also very lonely in a way, because she is the last of the Cetra race. While growing up, she began to hear the voice of the planet. While this strengthened Aerith's willpower and determination to fight on behalf of the planet and its people, it also set her apart from them, and the isolation at being the last of her lineage is something that few can understand. Aerith's connection with the planet also gives her a fondness for nature. She is especially fond of flowers, and spends a lot of her time at the church in the Sector 5 slums, tending the flowers that grow there. At the urging of her first boyfriend, Zack, Aerith begins to sell flowers first in the slums of Midgar and then eventually on the plate on top of the slums, her mission to fill Midgar with flowers and make it a more beautiful place.

Abilities: All of Aerith's limit breaks are designed to support the party in combat. For instance, Healing Wind restores health, Breath of the Earth cures negative status effects, and Great Gospel completely restores HP and MP, as well as granting temporary invincibility. Aerith sort of functions as the white mage of the party. She also has the power to speak with the planet, due to the Cetra's connection to the planet and the lifestream.


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